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Wizards and Witches can use their magical powers for good or for evil. The curiosity of the spiritual world is what drives witches and wizards to learn their magical art.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about how to explore the world of wizards and witches. There is a lot to the process. Please email tips and advice to

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Warlock Magic

A warlock is a male witch. They have the same powers as witches. Their magic revolves around chants and incantations around candles. For example, the triangle is the strongest shape. Warlocks will put candles in a triangle shape and then say a prayer or incantation over the candles for the desired outcome. The more difficult the problem and the more often the chant must be performed.

The warlock will use different colors of candles and different candle scents. Warlocks will also know herbs really well and know when to burn them and for what ailment. A good warlock can help someone to feel better and know just the right herb that they need and what candles will smell best and work the best.

Candle colors are often symbolic. For example, white candles may be used to increase personal purity. Black candles can be used to invite in evil spirits and red candles are fertility candles. If you are unsure about the candles to use, try and visit you local warlock magic store.


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